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The Taiwanese Human Rights Association of Canada (加拿大台灣人權協會) was organized in 1991 to expand and continue the work of the 1989 Yih-Sheh Leo Support Committee. THRAC works for human rights in Taiwan, China, and Canada.

Thursday, April 29, 2021

                           New THRAC banner to carry in demonstrations and outside events           


THRAC Executive Committee meeting minutes – Tuesday April 6, 2021    


Last Meeting , on Webex Time March 20, 2021                                                                                                                     

A special meeting was held on Webex on March 20(all board members present)

    Recent developments of military junta were discussed in and out of Myanmar

    It is decided that THRAC joined the ASEAN democracy alliance in Toronto to support

    the common cause of human rights



The chair called the online meeting together at 2:16 PM, all members being present. 

Present      Jean Chen, Edward Chung, Cathy Hong, H Robert Liao,  Michael Stainton(Chair)


Approval of Agenda    carried (information attached)


Approval of Minutes of last meetings  (Feb 16, AND March 20) . Carried


Financial report – Jean Chen

    Checking account $7,664.98

    Savings $185.08

    US$ saving $2,000 (designated for Human Rights Award)


Credit Union Signing Authority

 Proposed by Michael Stainton : Let it be resolved that the President Michael Stainton replace outgoing President Andrew Apack Song  as new signatory while the other two signatories, Jean Chen(Treasurer) and Robert Liao(Secretary),    continue with signing authority for THRAC at Taiwanese Credit Union in Toronto.    Dated April 6, ’21. Passed unanimously.

 (Michael is to contact their office to sign the paper to bring status up to date)


Reconnecting with membership

    After our March 20 meeting, an E-mail was sent to some 72 members (on THRAC membership email list)  asking them to confirm their continuing support of THRAC, but we received zero response.    How to woo them back was discussed, using other Taiwanese social groups pages, LINE for TCAT and Women’s group were suggested.  (No LINE for THRAC for now)


Wall-fare pen pal project (information attached)

Michael moved that we encourage members to write letters to prisoners in Hong Kong. This will give our members a way to connect personally with human rights and THRAC.   Carried.

    We are to start the project by THRAC board members each writing a letter and see how it works out. Agreed that THRAC donate USD170.00 to Wall-fare to cover their cost of 13.7 per month for 12 months.


Co-operation with other Asia human rights groups

  No new formal coalition of human rights groups  has yet formed in Toronto, but we are

co-operating over Hong Kong, Uyghur and Myanmar issues.

    Michael has proposed a  Boycott “Made in China” clothing/ support H&M & Buy Australian wines campaign to the other human rights groups. Still in discussion.

      He and Judy Nagata participated in the rally for Myanmar on March 27 to show THRAC support. The rally had a good turn-out of  70-80 people for an allowable gathering of 50 by Covid restrictions.  The Myanmar group in Toronto appears to be well organized and able to effectively generate some support in the Parliament in Ottawa


THRAC banner

    Budget of up-to $300 approved for making 2 banners able to use in outdoor

      rallies,  preferably of plastic. Michael will contact Jimmy Yin to proceed with the above)


Things Canada can do to support Taiwan

    Media in Canada tend to put aside Taiwanese issues for most other more urgent matters.

 Other human rights groups  are willing to help us promote Taiwan issues.

Canada in 1970 was the only West country clearly separate Taiwan from China with our one-China policy (never associated Taiwan with China, let alone belonging).  We will urge Canada to sign the pending FIPA with Taiwan, support Taiwan’s entry into the CPTPP and recognise Taiwan when time and name are right.


Human Rights Award

Noted, will begin publicizing at annual meeting.  All  THRAC members, and allied human rights organizations can nominate people or groups for this award.


Annual meeting

  Agreed to hold on Saturday, June 19 at 2 pm, whether in person or online.

    Idea of doing a play and drawing help from Sue Liau(廖淑媛) are mentioned


Conservative Party Cross-Culture Engagement Team

 Ed Chung reported on their invitation to leaders of multicultural groups in Canada to join.

Agreed that THRAC cannot join as an organization but we strongly encourage Taiwanese community leaders to participate.


Next meeting

    At the call of the Chair


Meeting adjourned at 4:13 pm

Tuesday, April 06, 2021


THRAC UPDATE February 25, 2021 加拿大台灣人權協會消息


THRAC President Andrew Song signs joint letter to International Olympic Committee asking that the 2022 Winter Olympics be moved from Beijing because of the ongoing human rights violations in China . 


New (Old) President

史邁克 牧師 接任 THRAC 會長

On February 16 THRAC Executive Committee met.  President Andrew Song submitted his resignation for health and personal reasons. After encouraging him to remain, the board accepted his decision. Former President Michael Stainton was invited to attend the (online) meeting and agreed to rejoin the Executive Committee. The Committee then elected Michael Stainton as President of THRAC , as provided for  in the bylaws of THRAC.


Report from Chair

 會長邀請THRAC 會員用email聯絡 , 確定要繼續參加THRAC. (會費暫緩到下次會員大會)  

  -will write letter to THRAC members to reconnect and renew their interest in the organization

    -will send letter to Hong Kong human rights group as new chair to reaffirm our support

    -plan to write article to Globe and Mail as chair of THRAC (on Canada’s one China Policy)

    -looking forward to annual meeting and a separate Human Rights Award meeting post-Covid