Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Statement by THRAC Executive, December 15, 2012

The Taiwanese Human Rights Association of Canada wishes to express our support and admiration for students in Taiwan who are leading the fight against media monopoly by a pro-China ownership group. We call on regulators in Taiwan to reject this takeover by Tsai Eng-meng's cartel. The domination of Taiwan's media by a pro-Chinese ownership has frightening implications for the future of Taiwan and should be of grave concern to all supporters of freedom of speech. THRAC is following the situation and is willing to respond to any specific calls to action.


Executive of the Taiwanese Human Rights Association of Canada (THRAC)

Michael Stainton
So Cheng-hian
Austin Yan
Nick Chen
Scott Simon

Saturday, December 01, 2012

THRAC receives reply on October appeal asking MP's to show concern for Chen Shui-bian

Mark Adler, Conservative MP for York Centre (Michael Stainton's riding) has sent a more or less "official line" reply to our appeal for Canadian MP's to speak out on Chen Shui-bian's imprisonment. The letter appears to reflect the official DFAIT position - we are watching the situation -  so is of interest. It is disappointing that, to our knowledge, and in contrast to several American congressmen, not a single Canadian MP of the almost 30 MP's and Senators THRAC contacted, actually wrote a letter as we urged."
2012-11-29 Medical Parole ROC President Correspondence

THRAC supports global appeal for Tibet

THRAC has added its name as a co-signer of a letter of appeal to world leaders calling for them to take action on the growing crisis in Tibet. The appeal was  proposed by Sheng Xue, President of the Federation for a Democratic China, a global alliance of Chinese pro-democracy organisations, in solidarity with Tibetans. The appeal will be sent to the United Nations, the European Union, Members of Parliaments and Governments, and NGOs for human rights, calling on the international community, as well as individual countries and NGOs, to send independent investigation teams to Tibet, to investigate the cause of self-immolations in Tibet, and the true situation in Tibet. THRAC will assist in sending a version of this letter to Canadian members of parliament and senators. Two links to Tibetan news services have been added to our links on the right-hand side of this page.
Tibet Appeal