Monday, November 21, 2016

THRAC writes to Iceland Embassy about making Taiwanese student "stateless"

Responding to a report in the Taipei Times on November 20 "Student rails against ‘stateless’ ID"

THRAC President Michael Stainton wrote to the Embassy of Iceland in Canada, calling on them to recognize that people from Taiwan are Taiwanese, not Chinese or "stateless".

Monday, August 22, 2016

THRAC writes to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on his upcoming visit to China

THRAC and TCA urge President Tsai Ing-wen to pardon former President Chen Shui-bian

At the 2016 Taiwanese Canadian Association (TCA) annual convention in Gravenhurst Ontario June 28-30, on the motion of the Taiwanese Human Rights Association of Canada (THRAC), TCA members passed a resolution urging Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen to grant an unconditional Presidential pardon to former President Chen Shui-bian.

Below is the letter, in Chinese and English, sent to President Tsai by TCA President Cathy Hong.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Report on the THRAC Annual General Meeting 2016

The Taiwanese Human Rights Association of Canada held its 2016 Annual General Meeting at Taiwanese United Church in Toronto on Saturday, June 4. About 37 members attended. Rev. Michael Stainton served as master of ceremonies.  

The meeting received work and financial reports and approved five proposals: a) suggested screening the films (建議多舉辦電影放映會) ;  b) calling for amendment of referendum laws in Taiwan (呼籲修改台灣公投法) ;  c) calling for passage of Equal Marriage Act in Taiwan and an assessment of government policies on LGBTX rights (呼籲通過婚姻平等法案,以及檢視台灣對跨性別者的政策,必要時立法與修法) ;  d) calling for normalizing Taiwan as a country and re-examination of its constitutions and official name (要求台灣國家正名與制憲) ;  e) calling for the pardon of former president Chen Shui-Bien (呼籲特赦陳水扁前總統).

The meeting elected the following persons to be the 2016 Executive Committee, which met on July 27 to assign the roles for each member:

President - Michael Stainton 史邁克
Secretary - Jean Chen 陳慧珍 (New member)
Membership - Edward Chung 鍾雅澤
Treasurer - N.L.
Webmaster - Cheng-hian So 蘇正玄 (New member)
Corresponding Member - Ching-Fang Hsu 許菁芳
Corresponding Member - Austin Yan 顏立哲
“Lessons in Dissent (未夠秤)”, a documentary film on Joshua Wong and the 2012 movement against the “patriotic curriculum” that China was forcing on HK schools, was presented after the meeting.

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Notice of THRAC Annual Meeting - Saturday June 4

Taiwanese Human Rights Association of Canada  加拿大台灣人權協會   will hold our 2016 Annual Meeting  on Saturday  June 4 at Taiwanese United Church, 53 Cummer Ave, North York. 

  All members my present business for  consideration, nominate members for election to the  board, or stand for election.  Membership can be renewed at the meeting. Members who cannot attend  may  nominate a proxy to vote for them. The proxy must be a member in good standing of THRAC

The 2016 THRAC Annual Meeting
加拿大台灣人權協會 2016會員大會

will be held on

Saturday, June 4
2:30 - 5:00 PM

下午2:30 - 5 

at the Taiwanese United Church in Toronto
53 Cummer Avenue
Toronto, ON  M2M 2E5

*This year there is no dinner, no tickets to reserve*

Check the website for more updates, or email us at

Thursday, April 28, 2016

THRAC organizes meeting for Joshua Wong with human rights groups

On Friday, April 22, Hong Kong student leader Joshua Wong 黃之鋒 met privately with some 30 human rights, church, student, union and legal organization leaders to discuss how groups in Canada can support the democracy movement in Hong Kong. The meeting was organized by THRAC. THRAC  members Edward Chung, Hsu Ching-fang, Albert Lin and Michael Stainton were present. Chinese and Tibetan and Hong Kong rights activists also attended this discussion. This is the first time such a diverse group has been brought together to discuss Hong Kong issues, and meet one another.  

Among other things, Wong said all we have a common problem, and, for China, Hong Kong is first then Taiwan is next. He talked about how he learned from the sunflower activists in Taiwan and people in the New Power Party. This may be his inspiration for organizing a new political party in Hong Kong - Demosisto 香港眾志. His party will promote Hong Kong self determination through a referendum on Hong Kong's future post 2047  with three choices - continue one country two systems, be part of one China, or independence.   Unlike other parties who reject street protests, or support violent resistance, he said Demosisto  will as necessary use non-violent confrontation tactics.