Thursday, April 28, 2016

THRAC organizes meeting for Joshua Wong with human rights groups

On Friday, April 22, Hong Kong student leader Joshua Wong 黃之鋒 met privately with some 30 human rights, church, student, union and legal organization leaders to discuss how groups in Canada can support the democracy movement in Hong Kong. The meeting was organized by THRAC. THRAC  members Edward Chung, Hsu Ching-fang, Albert Lin and Michael Stainton were present. Chinese and Tibetan and Hong Kong rights activists also attended this discussion. This is the first time such a diverse group has been brought together to discuss Hong Kong issues, and meet one another.  

Among other things, Wong said all we have a common problem, and, for China, Hong Kong is first then Taiwan is next. He talked about how he learned from the sunflower activists in Taiwan and people in the New Power Party. This may be his inspiration for organizing a new political party in Hong Kong - Demosisto 香港眾志. His party will promote Hong Kong self determination through a referendum on Hong Kong's future post 2047  with three choices - continue one country two systems, be part of one China, or independence.   Unlike other parties who reject street protests, or support violent resistance, he said Demosisto  will as necessary use non-violent confrontation tactics.