Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Some post-election links

Check up on the International Committee for Fair Elections in Taiwan at

Their preliminary review, titled "Taiwan Elections 2012: Mostly free but partly unfair" can be read at

Lastly, here's a nice article that interviewed some young Taiwanese-American voters that went back last week.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

THRAC President Michael Stainton leading Canadian Election Observation Group to Taiwan

THRAC President Michael Stainton will be in Taiwan to observe the January 14 election, leading a 6-person Canadian Election Observer Group, invited by the Independent Committee for a Fair Election in Taiwan (臺灣公正選舉國際委員會

Escorting the group in Taiwan  will be the founer of THRAC's predecessor, Dr. Albert Lin (林哲夫) and Sophia Lin (郭哲欽). Michael Tsai (蔡明憲) will also be with them. In 2009 THRAC issued a statement supporting Michael Tsai when the KMT threatened to charge him with leaking state secrets.

With Rev. Stainton will be Hon. Bill Blaikie (former NDP MP and Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons), Dr. Susan Henders (Director of the York University Centre for Asian Studies); Dr. Peter Noteboom, (Deputy General-Secretary of the Canadian Council of Churches); Rev. Ted Siverns (Former Dean, Vancouver School of Theology); and Right Rev. Dr. Lois Wilson (former Senator, former President of World Council of Churches and Moderator of the United Church of Canada). Peter Noteboom's son, Reuben, will also accompany the group. 

Michael will TRY to do an election blog here from January 10 to January 18.